My name is Debbie Jensen, and I am an artist and an expert. I see every face as a reflection of perfection.
My job is to refresh the canvas! I am truly inspired to connect deeply with my clients; to enhance every woman's best features, to heal her, pamper her, and send her back out into the world empowered to live true to her divine nature. To me, that's not just makeup, and it's not vanity. It's the real, authentic beauty of an original work of art! I hold strongly to the old-school business principles that value integrity and honesty above all virtues.

As a leader in my field I stay abreast of latest techniques, tools, developments in trends to ensure the very best possible results for my clients. This is my craft, my passion, my life. Let me not only redefine you, but also show the world who you really are!



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Debbie is amazing. I had my eyeliner done by someone else about 5 years ago and I cried because it hurt so bad. Debbie assured me that when she tattoos, there is no pain, so I let her touch up my eyeliner and there really, really was no pain. It was awesome!!! Debbie has a way of making you feel so comfortable in her chair. I recommend her to everyone. She is the best in the business.

JaynelleJ Final

“Debbie has been my professional makeup artist for several years now. I have so much faith in her talents and professional discipline that I just leave it up to her to decide what needs to be done. I have referred several family members and friends and everyone is completely happy and satisfied with Debbie’s work. I have a sister who flies from Northern California for Debbie’s services.”

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